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Episode 153: Marketing Legend Jay Abraham (The 23 Billion Dollar Man) Is On The Show!

I am extremely honored to have Jay Abraham as a guest on the Next Level Facebook Ads Podcast! 

Jay has been responsible for over 23 BILLION dollars of sales and might just be the greatest marketer that has ever lived. We dropped a TON of value bombs in the episode including: 

  • Things that entrepreneurs can do to not only survive, but THRIVE during the Corona virus and/or recession.
  • Why giving away everything for free is dangerous and not a smart business move
  • Marketing arbitrage and how to find unseen gaps that you can benefit & profit from while helping others
  • Why buying someone something is better than “giving” them something for free
  • How to compete, STAND OUT, and WIN in a crowded, noisy market
  • Game changer: How to apply the method of marketing to your business
  • What to do now and how to prepare yourself to dominate at the end of this challenging time
  • How to leverage other people and situations in an ethical way to thrive – it’s something almost nobody else does
  • There is ALWAYS opportunity in adversity
  • What Jay would do if he were starting over with nothing
  • And many more value bombs!

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