I’ll keep it short since I know you are busy. I run my own Facebook ad agency and work with many different clients. I’ve done ads for people spending $5/day all the way up to a big name that was spending $12k per day. I’ve had clients in many different niches as well.

Most people are doing Facebook ads all wrong. Their targeting and messaging is WAY too broad, they aren’t establishing credibility, they are going straight for the opt-in or sale before giving value, and their follow up sucks or doesn’t exist at all.

I’ve got a framework I use for clients (and a new course and book that’s launching in 10 days) that is different, and everyone who has seen it falls in love with it.

In a nutshell, it’s focused on giving value BEFORE the opt-in, laser focused segmented audience targeting AND segmented messaging, and then segmented follow up based on the ACTIONS someone takes (or doesn’t take) with your content. Based on the content they consume (on your website or even your FB videos) we follow up with them via email (using tags) AND with an automated Facebook pixel campaign.

End result: People get specific messaging based on what they were most interested in, as demonstrated by their actions, not some broad general message for everyone. It’s WAY more powerful and works amazingly well.

Value Bomb Videos:

This is the video that started it all and opened many people’s eyes to a new, and more effective way of doing Facebook ads. Anyone not killing it with Facebook ads needs to see this! In this video I use a specific example for a chiropractor however, everything in the video applies to any and ALL niches and businesses. These are very powerful tips and I had someone message me saying they learned more in this one video than a $4,000 FB ads course he purchased!

Interest Targeting Sucks:

In this value bomb video, I show you why interest targeting isn’t the best or smartest way to target with Facebook ads, and I introduce behavior targeting and compare the differences.


In this Value Bomb Facebook Ads video, I go in depth and show a funnel I would use for a Women’s health/fitness course or coaching program. NOTE: This funnel & framework could also apply to almost any other type of business, product, or service out there.

I will show you my framework, messaging, follow-up sequencing, and more! When you setup automated follow up messaging and sequences that are based on the ACTIONS someone takes, like what kind of content they read or watch, and then you follow up with messaging and value on the SPECIFIC topic you KNOW they are interested in based on their actions, amazing things can happen!