5 Steps to Creating Video Ads that STAND OUT & Help You Get More Customers and Clients

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Thanks to everyone who listened to my Masterclass on John Lee Dumas’ (JLD) Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast where I taught the value of using the power of video ads & “Value”Tising to stand out from the noise and build a reliable, scalable system that gives you an unfair advantage and helps you get clients & customers like clockwork.

 I created this training exclusively for Fire Nation listeners. It includes a video ad template with my 5 steps, as well as a video tutorial where I walk you through each of the 5 steps in detail and teach you how to create video ads (and a system) that helps you stand out and get more customers and clients in a reliable, scaleable way that doesn’t rely on hope, chance, or trying to get lucky and go “viral”.

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About Me:

I’m Phil Graham, and as a Digital Marketing Expert & Shark Tank Approved Consultant, I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs CRUSH THEIR SALES with digital advertising, online marketing, and mindset mentoring. I love helping business owners & entrepreneurs take their business to levels they never knew possible.

Producing thousands of ads and managing millions in ad spend & sales has given me and my team the knowledge and experience to run highly successful ad campaigns. My intelligent system of dynamic, smart retargeting based off of years of data reliably increases awareness and brings ideal prospects to you on a consistent basis without having to rely on hope, chance, or trying to get lucky and go “viral”. And we deliver!

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