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phil-graham-facebook-ad-agencyMy name is Phil Graham and I help entrepreneurs and companies generate more revenue and get more clients through digital marketing, SEO and Facebook advertising.

Look, let me start off by saying that I don’t really like “About” pages because what’s really important really isn’t so much about “me”, but how I can actually help YOU!. That being said, I still think it’s important to have an “about” page so mine is below 🙂



I have been involved in marketing and sales for over 15 years and I am a proven SEO, Facebook ads, and digital marketing expert who knows how to get results. I’ve been responsible for over 50 million dollars of sales through both my career in sales as well as my marketing agency.

I started my Seattle based digital marketing & paid advertising agency for three primary reasons:


  1. I know how hard it is for entrepreneurs and companies to have success, get noticed in a very noisy online world, and sell more of their products and services, and I truly want to help and make a difference.
  2. There are thousands of fake marketers and wannabe’s promoting themselves to people like you every day, and these are people that have no clue, usually have never sold anything in their lives, and they are trying to teach you how to market and sell! I hate, hate, HATE seeing people get taken advantage of, so I feel like I have a responsibility to put out quality content that helps as many people as possible, and hopefully save some people from being taken advantage of and potentially having their business and dreams destroyed. I am very passionate about this.
  3. Lastly, I just want to make a big difference on a global scale. I want to have the absolute best marketing agency not just in Seattle, but worldwide. I want to help as many people as possible destroy their limitations, succeed in business, and make more money than they ever thought possible, while helping people, having fun, and making the world a better place along the way.


As I said above, I’ve been selling and marketing for over 15 years, both online and offline.

anne4I am very impressed with the service provided by Phil and his team. In ten days I gained so much exposure due to their work that I doubled the traffic on my site. Phil is dedicated to providing a very customized experience; he was thorough in detailing the process and strategy. And it worked amazingly!

- Anne Bennisan, Founder of EZCouple.com

genesimcoThe ideas that Phil Graham gave me were both easy to put into action and highly effective. He has given my business a whole new edge that has provided my customers with services that will keep them coming back for a long, long time!

- Gene Simco, Jiu-Jitsu.net

fischI am so grateful for this group! I posted a question months ago, and Phil Graham answered me. Since then, we have gone on to work together, and he is fantastic at follow-up, which is the most valuable asset for working with someone. We started my FB page campaign, and in less than 2 weeks I have gotten 800 likes on my Joumor page! I highly recommend you talk to Phil re SEO or Facebook, because he is super awesome at explaining things, helping you, and getting GREAT results.

- Leah Fisch, CEO of Joumor.com

chrismcneil3I've been working with Phil on SEO and reputation management for over a year and the results have been phenomenal. With his company we have been putting out social media content, press releases, videos, blog sites, mini sites, review sites and more. Now I totally dominate the first page of google for my chosen search phrases. I highly recommend his services for anyone who wants to improve their online presence or reputation management.

- Dr. Chris McNeil, Chiropractor Macomb TWP MI

lara3Phil provided invaluable assistance in setting up my website and a plethora of marketing strategies to build my online presence. Phil is incredibly supportive, optimistic and knowledgeable. I highly recommend his services!

- Lara Eisenberg, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

markbosnian2Phil Graham has been a godsend! From our first meeting, when he expertly analyzed how I could increase my cash flow and the overall strength of my business, to ongoing coaching, Phil has been a fountain of ideas. Approaches I never would have considered flow from Phil at every meeting. His insights have helped me create partnerships with other businesses, incentive programs, better tracking of my business, more income, more opportunities for income and a host of projects that will keep my business increasing far into the future.

- Mark Bosnian, Vocal Coach & Founder of Singfreenow.com

robertfollis2Phil has been a huge help in making our business more successful. His innovative ideas and practical ways of implementing them have steadily increased our business, as well as made doing business easier with less work. He has helped in marketing as well as designing processes to help us achieve our goals with our school.

- Robert Follis, UFC & MMA Coach

I was an award winning sales rep and sales manager for a billion dollar Fortune 500 company where I took over the worst Division in the company and in less than two years, turned it around to become the #1 Division and sales team in the company while adding millions of dollars of increased sales in the process.

I have run my own SEO and marketing consulting business (my favorite!), and I also have had (and still have) various passive income websites, membership sites, Adsense sites, and more. Having my own sites keeps me “in the field” always testing what works and what doesn’t work, and I use that valuable data and information for my clients.

I have also created and sold info product DVD’s on Amazon, online video courses, products, services, you name it.


Bottom Line:

I specialize in getting websites ranked highly in Google, generating traffic/leads to websites, and converting that traffic and those leads into sales, customers, and clients. I love SEO (search engine optimization) and Facebook ads, and also things like email marketing, social media, marketing funnels, Adwords, and pretty much all things digital marketing related.

You Are Probably Wondering, Can Phil Help Me?

I only take on a select number of clients. If you want to discuss transforming your marketing and business, fill out the form below and let’s talk.

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