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Why Most People Lose Money With Facebook Ads & How To Fix It

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Facebook Ad StrategyI wanted to give some actionable value here when it comes to Facebook ads, because I see that most people are struggling with them and then thinking that Facebook ads don’t work.

First, Facebook ads can work extremely well, when they are done right. Most people do them wrong and get frustrated when it doesn’t work and they lose money, which is totally understandable. Let’s fix that right now!

There are many elements to getting a positive ROI and making money with Facebook advertising, but one of the most important things, and the thing that 99% of people seem to get wrong is the audience targeting and messaging.

If you do everything else right, but get your targeting and messaging wrong, you will probably fail.

The big mistake most people make when it comes to audience targeting is that they target much too broad of an audience. For example, I see many people targeting entrepreneurs between 25-60 that have 1 interest, like being a Brendon Burchard or Tony Robbins fan. That is way, way too broad and you will most likely lose money doing it that way.

The best way to target an audience with Facebook ads is to start small (you don’t need to spend a ton of money) and test small audience segments to see what converts and what doesn’t. You take what converts and scale it up like crazy, and you take what doesn’t and either change it, or get rid of it.

When you do it this way, you are making decisions based on data, not guesses or hopes, and everything changes.

Segmenting Suggestions:
I would recommend segmenting your audiences by age, sometimes gender, motivation, and multiple interest levels. I also would highly recommend segmenting and targeting your competitors fans too.

For example, a Facebook ad client found out that 35-45 year old Moms who do yoga and like Oprah and Marie Forleo was the targeting combination that worked and brought in 30 times better results than many of the other audiences. If all they did was broad ads, we would have never been able to hone in on that and scale it like we can now. It’s a game changer.

One other thing I’ll mention when it comes to big mistakes with Facebook ads is that you shouldn’t treat it like Google Adwords. Your Facebook ads should be very different than a more direct ad approach that you might take with Adwords.

I hope this helps, Facebook ads can work incredibly well and I think it’s the best value and best way to get results in this day and age and I hate seeing good people (like you!) struggling with it.

Happy to answer any questions if you have them, just contact me by scheduling a free call below:

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